About us

Viet My Investment Corporation is a dynamic California-based company that specializes in real estate investment. We engage in the acquisition, development, management and sale of residential and commercial properties. Our business practices embrace a disciplined approach emphasizing on value creation and capital preservation.

We have fostered a long-term relationship with local contractors, which has given us a competitive edge in project development to promptly meet market demand, as well as strengthened our capacity for property management. Viet My Investment's current portfolio consists of residential and commercial units in California, the most populous state in the United States of America.

Our vision

Founded by a group of Vietnamese American , Viet My Investment strives to make positive impact to the local Californian community. 

At Viet My Investment, we believe that while national and international trends play an important role in the real estate market, property values are substantially influenced by local activities. Accordingly, we have envisaged a focused platform which serves as the bridge between capital funding and the untapped potential of the local markets.

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